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Why Belong?


Salary & Benefit

Membership in BAEA and PSEA/NEA, the largest and most influential public-sector union in Pennsylvania, where members join their voices to protect our pensions, salaries, benefits, and working conditions.
You Have a Voice

Collectively you have a voice for yourself, your schools, your community and most importantly, your students.
Legal Resources

Legal representation at no cost for any issues related to certification, license, unemployment compensation, employment discrimination, or retirement.

$1500 toward costs for any worker's compensation claim and a 30 percent reduction in attorney's fees, where the member uses a PSEA-approved attorney.

Up to $35,000 for criminal attorney defense fees for any investigation of charges related to employment, where you are exonerated or charges or not pursued, and $2500 and up front money to retain a PSEA-approved criminal defense attorney for any investigation or charges related to employment.

Fighting for You

BAEA members are devoted to schools and students, but you don’t work for free. You deserve compensation and benefits that reflects the level of education and training required to earn and maintain your certification and provide for your family.

BAEA works hard to make sure members have the best possible local contract and fairest possible compensation by:

  • Engaging with Members about their needs at the local level.
  • Collaborating with other Local Associations and PSEA to identify trends and member needs on a larger scale.
  • Seeking Leadership Development and Bargaining training opportunities for our Leaders and Members from our partners at PSEA/NEA.
  • Developing future leaders from within the organization.

    Protecting You

    BAEA works to make sure that your rights are protected at work, and that you have the peace of mind you need to do your job.  Educators today face some difficult and unprecedented challenges that require support and advocacy.  No matter what the challenge may be, BAEA advocates for you and your rights.

    When you need help, BAEA is there for you.

      Speaking Up For You

      Educators are the real experts when it comes to what works in schools and classrooms.

      BAEA combines the voices of our members to help administrators, school board members, and lawmakers who determine laws and policies that affect our schools make decisions about what good education policies look like – and what ideas just don’t work for our schools and our students.

      Together, we speak up to:

      • Protect your retirement security
      • Fight the over-reliance on standardized testing
      • Speak out about school funding
      • Defend our professions

      Supporting You

      Working in public schools isn’t easy. Together with PSEA, BAEA provides an array of programs and benefits to help you succeed.

      These programs include many member benefits programs offered by PSEA/NEA.  A full description of the benefits available to members can be found here:


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