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What is BAEA?

BAEA is the Boyertown Area Education Association - the union that represents professional educators who work in the Boyertown Area School District – a community of education professionals who make a difference in the lives of Pennsylvania’s students every day.

BAEA members are teachers, counselors, therapists, librarians, nurses, long-term substitute teachers, and other professionals who work hard each day to educate and support our students.  

BAEA's strength comes not only from our members, but from our beliefs, our values, and our passion. Every time we speak up for what we believe, we harness the power of collective action

Fighting for You

BAEA members are devoted to schools and students, but you don’t work for free. You deserve compensation and benefits that it takes to support a family.

BAEA works hard to make sure members have the best possible local contract and fairest possible compensation by:

    • Fighting for good salaries
    • Defending your health care benefits
    • Protecting your retirement security
    • Advocating for your professional rights and interests

Protecting You

BAEA works to make sure that your rights are protected at work, and that you have the peace of mind you need to do your job.

When you need help, BAEA is there for you by:

    • Enforcing your contract
    • Advocating for your rights
    • Providing low-cost legal services
    • Protecting your certification and licensure

Speaking Up For You

Educators are the real experts when it comes to what works in schools and classrooms.

BAEA combines the voices of our members to help administrators, school board members, and lawmakers who determine laws and policies that affect our schools and our members what good education policies look like – and what ideas just don’t work for our schools and our students.

Together, we speak up to:

Protect your retirement security
Fight the over-reliance on standardized testing
Speak out about school funding
Defend our professions

Supporting You

Working in public schools isn’t easy. Together with PSEA, BAEA provides an array of programs and benefits to help you succeed.

These programs include:

    • High-quality professional development courses and resources through the PSEA Professional Learning Exchange
    • Discount and savings opportunities through PSEA Member Benefits
    • Conferences and workshops
    • Magazines, newsletters, and other publications 

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